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The Importance Of Human Feelings

“Being a Human being is pretty complex. Since people are smart enough to think logically, you would think that most know how to express their feelings and to not let them stay hidden for too long inside. But, the truth is people are mostly motivated by how they feel, their mental state. Sometimes, we might think we know someone, but we really don’t. When something tragic happens and/or was committed by someone whom people see as respectful/nice, we tend to be confused, become overwhelmed with disbelief, can’t believe how a seemingly decent person is capable of committing such a crime. Maybe the person is not an evil monster after all. They are just mentally sick, troubled, have limited to almost no impulse control, something terrible happened during their course of life, and they were left undealt with. You see, it can be such a hard task to deal with how you feel about certain circumstances we find ourselves in. But, we don’t have a choice to ignore our feelings. Just because you are/were able to hide them for some period of time doesn’t mean those feelings are healed, gone forever. You/we might feel like that, but it’s not truly the case. They might be sleeping somewhere inside ourselves. In order for them not to wake up, you would have to be aware of your triggers, your weaknesses, and strengths. Those would be your guide to your decision-making. For example, if I know some situation would most likely cause me to be angry, I have to tell myself to think before reacting or stay calm in the situation. If I can’t rely on those possibilities, the only thing I can do is try to get away from this particular situation or other particular situations and/or avoid them at all costs. Sadly, a story/an event can turn out worse no matter what people knew about a certain individual, what type of person they were or what people knew them as. If that person, for some reason, always tried to fit in by hiding their feelings, or they have not dealt with them, he/she might run the risk to get/be in some trouble or problems. The more you don’t acknowledge your negative thoughts and keep them hiding somewhere inside, the worse those negative thoughts would be. I think when you make known what you are feeling, it would be a stepping stone to healing, erase those emotions from your history or your mind and one step closer to growth, maturity, wisdom. Someone who does not know their weaknesses and triggers would find themselves in some difficulties they have no reason to be in, or they would not have been in otherwise. Please let’s take care of our emotions before it’s too late to improve them, or we might wind up blaming ourselves for the rest of our entire life or killing ourselves.

(Those are my chosen words, sentences put together to explain humans’ feelings from my own Understanding/Knowledge/Wisdom)

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