One Of The Reasons Bad Things Happen Over And Over

Some behaviors have been left unchecked for too long. There might have been someone who witnessed it who could have stepped forward and said something. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to disturb the status quo or are afraid to speak up. Someone who is looking out for their own interests might decide which action(s) they want to take whether it’s good or bad. If you, at the receiving hand, don’t say anything about the bad treatment or lack of respect you got from this person, this behavior will most likely be repeated. In order to stop this kind of treatment, we/you have to express that it’s unacceptable. Maybe that’s when it becomes clear to them that their attitude is not proper and that you do not/will not allow it under any circumstances. The time you decide to fight back would be the last time you receive the inappropriate treatment from that person. Whenever they get tempted to do it again, they would think about last time and wouldn’t or at least they would try very carefully. Everyone isn’t the same and see things differently depending on their values, beliefs. If whenever a certain type of conduct is committed and there was an individual brave enough to speak, I believe unacceptable actions, events would be stopped. However, when things are not controlled or kept within certain limits or boundaries, they keep happening over and over until they become the new normal.

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