Feeling The Need To Cons-tantly Be With Other Peo-ple…….. Not So Strong Of A Trait

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Introvert Vs Extrovert. Introverts prefer their alone time while extroverts enjoy mostly when with other people or when they are being sociable
                Introvert Vs Extrovert

You might think that being sociable and the constant need for human interaction is kind of the same thing, but that is not true. The first one is a good quality. The second one, on the other hand, is a survival need. You can’t decide to not need that human interaction. We used to think that someone who hangs out by themselves is weird or there is something wrong with them. Those people are more on the introvert spectrum. If we really pause and analyze, you will see that introverts are very strong people. The reason I say that is because they can enjoy their own company and not get bored, not scared of their inner thoughts, feelings, are able to reflect on their actions and improve them for the better. Those people can be very sociable when they need to. They have both qualities and use each…

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