The Not So Obvious Power Of The Internet

1554479814875-1People tend to think that the way they are or think is the same as others. However, it is not truly the case. Also, what is perceptible for someone might not be for someone else. Do people ever wonder that you can search for anything online? For instance, if looking to buy some item(s), but you don’t know the physical store or don’t want to get lost, it would make sense to order it/them online and to be also delivered at your home. I am a very observant person. I discover that people encounter problems and seem not able to find any answers, while their phones with WiFi are just a couple steps away from them. According to them, it seems that they are oblivious to their answered prayer (The Internet). If only they could see what I see, instantly their problems would be resolved, and they would feel more relaxed. It’s interesting how something can be so apparent to a person, yet it appears invisible or unnoticeable to someone else. Maybe some people prefer to do things conventionally.  For some, it seems that whenever a problem arises that the Internet could solve, they only think maybe in a traditional way. Also, they like to do things the way they have always done them. If it’s impossible to do it traditionally, then their mind doesn’t give them any other solutions to work with that are not usual or customary to them. If you are more open to new ideas, then the possibility of seeing this Internet power is higher or you most likely tend to know that it exists. If that problem or something in that category arises for an open-minded person, he or she would in most cases know what to do. When we know something, it’s unexplainable how someone else can be so blind to it. It makes no sense to those who see it without even trying. So, when someone says “It’s obvious” they are really saying ‘It’s obvious to them’ (to the person saying it). It doesn’t mean the other person see it the same way. The person might not get how you arrive at that point in the first place. So, the person lacks the knowledge needed to be able to get there. When we don’t know something or don’t know that it exists, we just don’t know. If you feel that ideas are set in stone and not capable of changing, then you might not be able to see that new ideas exist. Unless someone shows it to you and you are open to receiving it as well, you will be able to see. So, the obviousness of something is not obvious in itself. It depends on whoever has the knowledge/awareness or not, that such a thing exists.

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