Don’t Discipline Only To Get Listened To, But To Be Understood As Well

For a long time, the way to discipline or giving advice is telling people what they should do or shouldn’t do. If the message didn’t get accross we use force, punishment, bullying, intimidation, control, etc….to make the person follow what you desire for him or her to do. When using this method, we have seen there has not been much improvement. Each time or few times, the punishment is needed to be used because that person still didn’t learn their lesson to act accordingly. You might ask yourself “If i punish someone for something, they shouldn’t commit the same mistake again?” Well, yes, they can, if they don’t know why the way they acted is improper. For them to not repeat the same mistake, they need to know the reason (s) why the action they did is wrong. This is when you can rest assured that the understanding that such thing is definitely wrong and shouldn’t be repeated is going to stick deep into their brain. You won’t have to worry about what they might do behind your back. If you don’t give them explanations about what they did and how wrong is it, they would only know what their mind tell them to do when you’re not here because they only have their brain to focus on. Their mind is what they naturally want to do. If you don’t instruct that mind on how a person is supposed to comport themselves, then they will only know of it before receiving the proper teaching. It’s important that we emphasize on training the brain of people especially if their own mind is not in alignment of how an human being should act in society. If we focus more on doing that than just punishment, there would be less misbehavior (s), less people engaging in dishonest act (s).

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