Our Brain Can’t Multitask

You can go to a room looking for your bag for instance, but you forgot what you came to look for in the first place. This phenomenon happens because while you were thinking about finding the bag or on your way to finding the bag, your mind was also focusing on something else. The thing is, when it starts focusing on something else, it’s like it switches to the other thing you are concentrating on, which makes you forget why you came in the room or what you came looking for in the first place. That’s why we sometimes forget to close completely closets, cabinets, doors, etc… We do them automatically so we don’t pay much attention to what we are doing. Then, since we have done those actions so many times, we don’t really focus when we are doing them or our mind is already focused on the next thing we will do. Again, the moment your mind starts focusing on something else, that’s all it can concentrate on. It can’t remember that you have to close the cabinets in addition to thinking of something else unless you make a mental effort or a conscious effort to remember. It’s either one or the other. We shouldn’t engage in many different things at once because the brain is not designed to handle different things at a time. I would also think that multitasking would make someone more stressed. It makes you work less productively. The Inc. article.., by Amy Vetter stated that “a study from Stanford University found that people who multitask are more easily distracted, less productive, score lower on tests for recalling information, and make more errors”. To remember to do one action, you have to actually be in the moment and pay more attention to what you are doing. The thing is if you want to remember if you closed your doors and avoid multiple trips back to check whether it’s locked or not, just pay more attention to what you are doing so your mind can really capture that you did do it. Believe it or not, doing one task requires someone’s full-time attention in order to be efficient. When you are under this illusion of multitasking, you are going back and forth between tasks and each work is done semi-efficiently. So, your best take of action is to concentrate all your attention on one thing and be in the moment so you can fully remember what you did. According to the article Inc. by Amy Vetter, it says “Research confirms that monotasking–and not multitasking–is the secret to getting things done”. Our brain is designed to handle one thing at once. The best solution for our brain against multitasking is doing one task at a time. You can do that by staying focused on closing the door, looking behind you to go over, checking the space you were in before you left, looking, taking, capturing a mental picture in your mind, recalling what you did before that action, preparing yourself mentally or consciously or talking to yourself about what you are going to do. In the end, this method is better for our productivity, our mental well-being and for everyone.

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